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Who am I?

My name is Jerome Bryan. I am 33 years old and from Denmark, but I currently live in the Philippines and have done that for the past four years. I work as a freelance from my home-office and have clients from Denmark, Sweden, USA, and the Philippines. One of my most significant clients are Asky Jewelry and Skov & Havehuset ApS

I do all types of freelance jobs, mainly designing websites, eCommerce stores, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online marketing on Facebook, YouTube and Google AdWords.

I use WordPress for clients who need an informative website about their new business, which is by far the best platform for that. For clients who want to start in the eCommerce business, I use Shopify which is also the best platform for all size eCommerce shops. 

The work I offer for you is everything from building your new website, to help you rank best as possible on Google search engine to help you build up your eCommerce store with Online marketing.

No job is too small or significant. I do this as a freelance and have done that for many years. I want to help you and your website to perform the best way possible successfully.

It is my passion to help other people to become successful.

You are more than welcome to contact me from the contact form on my website or through other channels I have provided. If you want me to call you, no problem, just send me your contact information in the form here on the page, and I will get back to you shortly. At OneSeo Webdesign you get the Most value and best quality for the money.

Don't wait, don't delay, contact me now for free and let's talk about what your needs are. I will gladly help you.


Best Regards,

Jerome Bryan, OneSeo Webdesign